During my 9-month contract with Microsoft Teams, I played a pivotal role in creating the Help System videos that debuted with the app's launch in November 2017. These tutorial videos were strategically placed on the initial screen, guiding users through the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. Collaborating closely with our talented visual designers and illustrators, I translated their artwork into the interface screens using tools like Sketch and Illustrator. I then skillfully animated these meticulously crafted designs in After Effects, ensuring a seamless integration with the app's motion language to mirror the exact user experience. By bringing the collective vision to life, I contributed to helping users swiftly navigate Microsoft Teams and maximize its potential from day one.
As a key player in the Localization efforts for this project, I collaborated with another Microsoft team to ensure that the Help System videos and all text strings within the Illustrator files were translated into 18 different languages. To achieve maximum accessibility for users, I meticulously formatted the Illustrator files, allowing us to develop a custom plugin that dynamically replaced the translated text strings and linked them to After Effects seamlessly. This streamlined workflow enabled us to efficiently produce hundreds of translated videos, meeting the tight deadline for the product launch. My expertise in localization and dedication to delivering top-notch results were instrumental in making Microsoft Teams accessible to users around the world.
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