Wetpaint initially hired me as a consultant to build them a green screen studio and to create the branding and format for thier channel.  I built all the layouts and templates within After Effects, and managed a team of 4 on screen talent, 5 script writers, a producer and a few graphic artists.  Together we created almost 1,000 videos ranging from list segments, to gossip, spoilers, behind the scenes, celebrity video blogs, and paparrazi footage.  I was only with Wetpaint for a couple of months per my contract, and in that time our content gained around 4,000 subscribers and almost 4,000,000 views.  Below are some of the segments we created. The Channel can be found here
You Know You're a ____________ Fan When..."  Countdown Lists
Embarrassing Behind The Scenes Gossip
"Before They Were Stars"
We worked with a lot of paparazzi shooters in LA and New York.  We would get clips when there were big events, and we would turn around and post those with identifying lower thirds. 
We also worked with some celebrities that did video blogs for us.  We took those and added lower thirds and animated the relavant imagery to go along with the vlog. 
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